Glass Production in India / Oman

Our India production plant has two furnaces of 80 tons and 90 tons, with a daily production capacity of 170 tons per day. Our facilities also include IS machines of single gob and double gob, semi-automatic and 3/4th automatic machines, which can produce approximately 1 million bottles every day.

Our Oman plant has one furnace with a capacity of 135 tons per day. Our facilities include three 6 section and three 8 section manufacturing lines with both single and double gob. All these machines are supported with the latest technology like automatic batch house, automatic inspection line and palletizing unit.

Right from making a new design, to mould fabrication, to making bottles, and then frosting, printing or coating the bottles - we do it all. Apart from this, cap manufacturing (both plastic and aluminium), UV metalising of caps, and pumps are all done under one roof.

Printing and coating

The facility has in-house pad printing and screen printing facilities. We also have provision for coating, frosting and UV metalising. Plans are underway for a suryln manufacturing unit.


Pragati Glass has installed pallet as well as shrink wrap packaging systems, to ensure that every order is delivered securely.

UV Metalizing

At the moment Vacumetal has 3 fully automatic UV In-Line metallization facilities. These fully patented In-Line production units are supported on only the upmost modern technologies such as plasma pre-treatment, magnetron sputtering and UV lacquering systems. Fully automated and process controlled methods allow Vacumetal to excel in mass production. These In-Line facilities produce around the clock, 24 hours a day. In this way millions of plastic cosmetic caps and closures, but also metalized glass bottles or metal parts roll of the assembly lines on their way to another satisfied customer.


Arahant Enclosures, a subsidiary of Pragati Glass, manufactures plastic and aluminium bottle caps. Currently, there are 20 injection molding machines installed, and the unit makes caps in PP and polystyrene. Additionally, the manufacture of suryln moulds with high-quality precision moulds has also begun.